The best of times amid worst of times for journalism

Much energy is spent today among my media colleagues bemoaning the death of traditional journalism because print and broadcast economic models are crumbling. I don’t believe for a second that journalism is dying or even suffering. I see great new journalism activity all around me and I absolutely think it we are living in the best of times, though not without some significant growing pains.

This journalism “crisis” has in fact led to any number of fantastically innovative new approaches to great investigative journalism. The latest one was announced yesterday. A UK group of investigative journalists has won a 2-million pound grant to pursue investigative projects under the name of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The Investigations Fund includes some of the UK’s top journalists, including Heather Brooke who is one of the reporters who used the UK’s new freedom of information laws to force the release of ministers’ expenses and sparked the MP expenses scandal. Her book and web site are called Your Right to Know and are well worth any journalist’s or citizen’s time.

I am very excited to see what Heather and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism will get up to, especially with UK elections looming.

About Katie King

Literary Translator, Journalist, Media Professional, Professor. Currently working toward PhD in Hispanic Studies at the University of Washington.
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