Fresh fish. It’s not easy.

When you move to a new city, it’s always a scramble to find a new set of critical service providers: dentist, hair salon, and fish monger.  Your list may be a little different from mine, but these are things that count for me! After a year in London, to be frank, I haven’t settled on any one of them. Until now, which is happy happy news.

James Knight fish mongers

On Saturday, I went to James Knight’s Fishmongers in Notting Hill in search of ingredients for a seafood paella for my dinner party. The service was great, the choices superb. I decided to buy the prawns from Cornwall, over the others from an unspecified south east Asia country. Yes, expensive. $35/pound, but I only bought 10 prawns, so it wasn’t too painful and worth every penny. Mussels and squid were all-British. The clams from France. It was one of the best paella’s I’ve ever made, all down to the fabulous ingredients.

paella msn team recipes food september 2009 002   

I’m still looking for a brilliant dentist and hair salon. Recommendations happily accepted.

About Katie King

Literary Translator, Journalist, Media Professional, Professor. Currently working toward PhD in Hispanic Studies at the University of Washington.
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3 Responses to Fresh fish. It’s not easy.

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Katie,

    Did you ever make it to the fishmongers on Golborne Road W10?

    Also if you are still looking for a hair salon I highly recommend Kell Skott hair which is also on Golborne Road. Kell for cuts, Louise for colour. They also have a fabulous range of paraben free hair and beauty products.

    I can’t help you with a dentist but coincidentally I once overheard Kell talking to another client at the salon about this dentist they shared and they made him sound like a god.

  2. Katie King says:

    We walked into James Knight’s and they had us at hello. We will try to make it to the other one as well though!

    Thank you for Kell Skott. Will let you know.:)

  3. Toni says:

    Off the topic a little – if any of you get a chance to taste Katie’s paella it is second to none! I had the pleasure in the late ’80 when she was based in Panama – with 20 more years of practice I’m sure it must be pure magic.

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